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Create digital products your customers will love

Create new services using customer data

Provide value in ways your competitors overlook

Use customer feedback to improve your products and services

Easily gather helpful feedback and killer testimonials

Design a 5-star customer experience, from your first interaction to the final follow up

Identify overlooked opportunities to delight your clients and customers

Upgrade Your Offerings

Your Products, Services & Client Experience

Let's Break It Down

where should we focus fire?

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Form strategic partnerships with businesses whose customers want and need your services or products

Learn what kinds of content your customers want from you on social media and in emails

Build an effective referral program so your customers can market your business for you

Audit and upgrade your online presence (let’s make sure your site and social media content aren’t costing you sales)

Create a smooth and easy booking / purchasing process

Convert more browsers into clients and customers

Learn creative ways to secure media coverage for your business

Discover where to find new clients and how to get them “in the door”

Choose the right marketing channels for your business and your customers

Pinpoint your brand’s promise and craft an unforgettable elevator pitch

Sell Well

Branding, Marketing & Sealing the Deal

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Communicate your prices (and your worth) with more confidence!

Scope out your competitors and their pricing strategies so you can have the upper-hand

Decide how and when to raise your prices

Know when and how to cross-sell and upsell

Bundle services and products to multiply your revenue

Calculate your Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) and understand the Lifetime Value of your customer (LTV)

Pick the right price point for your ideal client or customer (different groups have different budgets!)

Analyze cost and prices

Test and optimize your pricing for maximum profit

Determine the true value of your service(s)

Make More Money

Pricing & Profitability

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Recognize and avoid “Expansion Overwhelm”

Delegate like a boss, without micromanaging or turning over the wrong responsibilities

Get your team members up to speed on your methods and quality standards

Audit and upgrade your online presence (let’s make sure your site and social media content aren’t costing you sales)

Build a rockstar team (understand what skills, qualifications and personality traits to look for in employees, contractors and freelancers, plus where to find them and what to ask them in the interview process)

Create a plan to launch a new category of offerings 

Create a plan to transition to a new business model (for example, from one-time sales to a subscription model)

Create a practical, time-bound plan for opening a new, physical location

Grow beyond a one-woman show to a finely-tuned organization build on systems that do the heavy lifting for you

Identify the most profitable way (and reasons) for your business to expand

Grow Y0ur Business

New Hires, New Models, New Markets

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Make a wellness plan that supports a healthy emotional life (food, sleep, movement, etc)

Learn to process critique and negative feedback in a healthy way

Learn to extract value / wisdom from “failures” and flops

See your value and identify your strengths

Get to the root of impostor syndrome

Quit comparison

Identify and end limiting beliefs

Decide how you want to feel while working and discover how to

Master Your Mindset

Get Emotionally Fit to Run Your Business

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Learn how and when to “fire” the problem clients who drain your time and energy

Document your processes so that you can outsource tasks with ease

Determine if there are tasks that it would actually be profitable to outsource (because you’d be freed up to generate revenue in some way)

Comb your business’ operations for repeated tasks that can be automated or batched

Choose the right management tool for your workflow and migrate your systems into it

Set a weekly and daily agenda based on your quarterly goals

Make Over Your Daily Workflow

Less Scattered, More Productive