I'm collaborative and results-driven with a proven track record in leading the successful completion of global and US expansion initiatives for multi-million dollar e-commerce companies and developing proven sales and digital marketing strategies that drive growth for small businesses, startups and e-commerce brands.

I'll work with you to develop, improve, and implement strategies in your business that get measurable results. 

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Business & Marketing Strategy Consulting

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Branding is the foundation of your business and a long-term investment in you and your business. Our branding packages are designed to build a brand identity that fits you now, while still holding space for expansion as you grow.


EMAIL Marketing

Email marketing is a critical part of your marketing strategy. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to reach and market to existing and new clients, providing the most ROI  in driving sales, acquiring leads and increasing customer loyalty.

Branding & Marketing

Service Packages

Designed 15+ custom, responsive websites using Shopify, Showit and WordPress in collaboration with copywriters, developers, and graphic designers.


Led and managed the redesign of Shopify product pages to increase conversions with new upselling and cross-selling strategies for multiple storefronts.

Created customer journey mapping and developed email campaigns that led to a $30,000 increase in wellness appointments booked in one month.


Developed and implemented customer experience model and protocols that led to increased customer satisfaction and efficiency in customer support. 

Cultivated new customer acquisition channel that increased user base by 340%.

Headed the full-cycle project and product management for the concept, design, development, strategy, and execution of a women’s health and wellness startup.

Launched affiliate, brand ambassador and influencer programs for e-commerce brands and startups.

Proposed and developed marketing strategy in partnership with company's social media team to attract and engage 300K+ Facebook Group Members.

Managed the development and launch of new, highly engaging sales campaigns which directly resulted in $650K and $450K in the first 24 hours of use.

Gained $343K in net sales within 5 weeks achieving a 2108% week-over-week increase by overhauling email marketing assets.

Created and managed Amazon Seller Central storefront that generated more than 200K in monthly revenues; managed FBA.

Possessed full control and accountability over the success of key growth initiatives for a $50M high-growth consumer product goods (CPG) e-commerce company.

Oversaw Food & Drug Administration (FDA) compliance, brand registration, and due diligence, positioning a company for global expansion in the UK.

Orchestrated and led all aspects of a major product launch within the UK market that included building the supply chain and distribution framework, sourcing overseas 3PL, navigating customs requirements, and spearheading multi-channel marketing initiatives.

Consulting Highlights

Experience & Outcomes


Investment: $1700

Color Palette


Favicon/Social Icon

Primary Logo 

Brand Strategy Development 

Creative Direction

Branding Essential Package

Branding Packages


Investment: $2900

Business Card Design

10 Instagram Templates

Brand Style Guide 

Brand Typography 

Color Palette

Favicon/Social Icon

Secondary Logo

Primary Logo 

Brand Strategy Development 

Creative Direction

Branding Intensive Package

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Prices starting at $800

Includes customized templates tailored for your brand and implemented using Klaviyo and FloDesk.

The package includes a series of 3 emails that will help you create a better first impression, increase engagement rates, and get them ready to make a purchase!

Get more customers and sales with our Welcome Email Marketing Package. This email series is perfect for service providers, e-commerce brands and other businesses who want to connect with new customers, build trust, keep them engaged and get them excited to use your services or buy your products.

Welcome Email Marketing Package

Email Marketing Packages

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Includes customized templates tailored for your brand and implemented using Klaviyo and Shopify.

Includes creating the customer journey flow in Klaviyo.

Prices start at $1200

With our transactional email marketing package for e-commerce brands you can delight your customers and increase customer engagement, conversions, and sales with automated, personalized emails.

Your customers will receive emails based on specific events in their customer lifecycle that includes an order confirmation, shipping notification, out for delivery confirmation, delivered notice, and abandoned cart email series that help increase conversion rates by up to 48%!

Transactional Email Marketing Package

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