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Business coaching and marketing consulting for women entrepreneurs who want to level-up without leaving joy behind.

Light Up Your Life. Break Through in Business. 


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ready to connect the dots?

I look closely at your WORK to find the threads of brilliance. Then you can run your business with a HEART that feels refreshed. Add smooth systems. Take smart actions. Celebrate the GROWTH!

The key to what I do? Connecting the dots.

Holistic Business Strategy to Grow the Woman & the Work

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A little Texas Hospitality

My Holistic Business Coaching and Consulting Approach was created for small business owners and coaches with stories like these …

Heart-Wholeness Meets Healthy Profits

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If this sounds like you...

You've achieved some success, but it isn't sustainable or scalable. You lost your spark and creativity from the endless hustle of playing the short game. Now you're unsure how to reach your monthly, quarterly and annual revenue goals and the financial stability you dreamed of seems far out of reach. You need help stepping back and making a plan with the big picture in mind.

You lost your spark.

You've been in business for a while now, but you're time-starved from working for your business instead of getting it to work for you. You aren’t sure what systems to put in place to free yourself up … or how you’d move forward if you magically had the time. All the honey you're dishing out isn't sticking, so you’re mentally and emotionally drained. You feel stuck, longing for that breakthrough moment.

You're still struggling.

You’re lit up about what you do and the people you serve, but you feel scattered when you sit down to work each day. The analysis paralysis is real. You try to stay excited about your business, but you’ve never done this before and your income goals just aren’t manifesting each month. Guidance from a seasoned businesswoman would be game-changing. 

You're just starting out. 

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Whether you book a 90-minute, course-altering conversation, transformational business coaching or hire me as a work-alongside-you marketing strategy consultant, I'll help you take the steps towards massive growth!


Feel Fulfilled. Fuel Your Business.

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A curated collection of powerful tools, books, podcasts, products, and some of my favorite things to help you flourish in your business, heart and life.


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"Jennifer is a true visionary who is skillful at seeing the larger picture and guiding you through actionable steps to get your business there."


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I design solutions for the entrepreneur who’s not seeing much return for her constant hard work. I’m here to revive the woman who’s seen success but not the joy and freedom she thought would come with it. I’ve been there, friend. We can turn this ship around! Come on in and let me share my story.

I'm Jenny. 

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Your Guide to More Clients

Take your marketing to the next level with this in-depth breakdown of the 10 strategies I used to build a multiple six-figure business (starting from zero clients!) without paid ads.

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Let’s jump on the phone for a no-pressure business coaching “speed date” to see if we’re a good match.

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Your Roadmap to Brand Clarity

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Pinpoint your value, vibe and vision so you can grow your community and book more clients in a way that brings deep joy.