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Our roots may be in Texas, but our passion extends far and wide. We're excited to collaborate with clients across the US and around the globe.

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I'm Jennifer Taormina, and over the span of two decades, I've transitioned from an eager entrepreneur, taking on every role in budding businesses and startups, to becoming a beacon of guidance in the realm of Marketing and Business Consultation, a Creative Director, and a Brand Strategist. My professional journey is a colorful tapestry woven with experiences from Fortune 500 giants to small and medium-sized enterprises.

My profound understanding of business doesn't solely spring from high-level boardroom strategies; it's deeply rooted in practical, hands-on experience. I've weathered the challenges of startups, relished the excitement of innovation, and embraced the responsibility of leading teams, all of which have sculpted my overarching mission: to transform abstract visions into tangible realities.

I am immersed in the realms of creation, innovation, and mentorship every single day. Each venture we champion, every brand we steer, is pursued with an unwavering commitment to excellence. It's not just about turning a profit; it's about crafting narratives that inspire, strategies that thrive, and businesses that make a meaningful impact.

My journey has been one of transformation, and it's a journey I eagerly share with those who seek to navigate the exciting and challenging waters of entrepreneurship.

Meet Jennifer Taormina

Founder, Marketing & Business Consultant, Creative Director  & Brand Strategist

At the heart of every thriving business isn't just a transaction; it's a cultivated relationship. Beyond branding lies the art of building genuine trust, turning your customers into your brand advocates.

— Jennifer Taormina

Meet Michele LeBlanc

Sr. Brand Strategist, Graphic Designer, & Social Media Manager

Michele is a visionary who takes a deep dive into the heart of our clients' brands, unraveling their core essence and crafting memorable and impactful narratives that resonate across diverse channels.

Much like our agency's founder, Jennifer, Michele is a firm believer in the power of storytelling. Her designs are not just beautiful visuals; they're captivating stories that vividly convey the essence of each brand, executed with precision and unwavering passion.

In her capacity as a Social Media Manager, Michele is at the forefront of our clients' digital journeys. She doesn't just manage social media accounts; she crafts strategies that engage, connect, and ultimately convert with authenticity and relevance.

As a vital part of our agency, Michele continuously raises the bar for creativity and purpose. With her expertise and dedication, our clients' brands are in expert hands.

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They know the ups and downs of building a business and appreciate having someone who truly gets it by their side. Whether they're working through the early challenges of a startup or fine-tuning a brand they've built over the years, they're all about genuine collaboration and trust.

They understand that true growth isn't just about numbers; it's about building real connections. They're not just in it for profit – they want their story to resonate, strategies that work, and outcomes that make a difference.

Their journey is all about being real, staying true to their vision, and pushing boundaries. They're looking for a partner who brings the same passion, insight, and dedication to the table.

Our Clients are Visionaries, Innovators, and Trailblazers