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September 11, 2018

Work With Jennifer

Write Your Next Chapter

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I'm 49 years old and believe age is just a number and shouldn't define us. While my purpose may have changed from my 20 and 30s, I can connect the dots to where I am today, which brings me to you. I've learned that embracing this time in our lives can lead us to the most rewarding growth opportunities personally and professionally. 

I'm jennifer!



Interested in working together? Let's get to know each other! Book a free, no-obligation 30-minute introductory call.

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Business Coaching and Growth at Every Step

We’ll look at your small business to see what’s working, what’s not working, and what you can do better!

Creating business strategies for growth to implementing workflow systems, you can make the “behind the scenes” run like a well-oiled machine.

But without knowing what’s working (and what’s not) in your business, you’re operating in the dark. And that’s something you don’t want to do.

The majority of small business owners get overwhelmed when starting, growing and even pivoting their businesses. You’re not alone. I’ve been there too, and let me tell you that I felt like queuing the circus music as I jumped from one ring to the next. We wear many hats, don’t we?

Too many entrepreneurs try to copy what everyone else is doing instead of doing what’s best for their businesses. Even worse, some do nothing at all and keep their businesses operating in the status quo. You certainly don’t want to work that way!

Here’s where I come in!

With my 20 years of experience and a no BS approach, I help you see what’s going on (analytics and all) as we look at your arsenal of skills and your business to prepare you for your next level of growth.

So tell me, where are you in your small business, and how can my online business coaching help you?

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Business Coaching & Strategy

My Business Coaching Isn’t for Everybody…But is it Right for You?

There are 3 Personas Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know.
Tell Me, Which Persona Best Describes You?

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Are You a Queen On the Come Up?…

You know you want to help people, but you’re not sure exactly what that looks like…at least not yet.

But what you DON’T need is more “tips” that have all the fluff but leave out the practical real-world step-by-step strategies you DO need.

You need a clear roadmap that lays out exactly what you need to focus on so you can finally move forward and make the vision in your head a reality.

This is Me

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Are You a Time-Starved Solopreneur?…

Even though you’re making some money, what you’re doing right now isn’t sustainable or scalable.

Is work bleeding into your personal time on a daily basis—stealing precious time away from your loved ones or from doing the things you love outside of work?

Does it feel like you’re just dishing out honey to see what sticks? (No shame in that, it happens to all of us).

Are you unsure how to reach your monthly, quarterly, and annual revenue goals?

You’re ready to work smarter, not harder.

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Or…Are You a Boss Woman Ready to Hit the Accelerator?

You’re expanding beyond a one-woman show (yay!)…but that growth is now demanding a stronger support structure than the one you have.

You want support with implementation, someone to manage projects for you, or a kick-ass dream team.

You need processes and systems so that all the parts of your business work together without you having to be the one doing everything all the time!

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How My Online Business Coaching & Strategy Sessions Can Help You

A Top-to-Bottom Inside-Out Look at Your Small Business

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A Top-to-Bottom Business Assessment

What I Can Do for Your Small Business

Assessing keeps you from guessing.

When you take a deep-dive look at what’s going on in your small business, you’re more likely to see what’s missing, what’s not working, and what’s wasting your time, money, and energy.

We open the hood and do a top-to-bottom assessment of the systems and strategies you have in place (or don’t) right now.

You’ll see what’s working and create a plan to make it work BETTER. I’ll help you develop strategies for growth and profitability and implement processes and systems to make your business run smoother.

And you’ll have a strategic plan for achieving your short- and long-term business goals.

Schedule Your Discovery Call Now!

Book Discovery Call!

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These 4 Areas are Vital to Your Business…Here’s How 
I Can Help With Each and Every One of Them

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Pricing and Profitability

Learn More

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Get (and Keep) More Clients

Learn More

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Growth and Expansion

Learn More

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Branding and Marketing

Learn More

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One-Stop Business Growth

Every Step to Starting and Growing Your Business…All in One Place

If you want to level-up quickly, having the resources you need in one place is the fastest way to get you there.

The world is full of information you can use to build a thriving business. But having it all in one place helps you stay focused and on track.

You’ll avoid the distractions that lead to “paralysis by analysis” and other entrepreneurial pitfalls that keep so many business owners from turning their business dreams into reality.

I can help you:

  • Rebrand and pivot your business model to increase profits
  • Get your website up and running…and done right
  • Set up your multi-channel marketing, sales, and cross-selling and upselling strategies
  • Develop partnerships to grow your professional network
  • Define your business operations, strategy, and development
  • Build powerful and profitable email marketing assets that grow your sales
  • Get more clients…consistently! (even with a small marketing budget)
  • Niche your business so you attract the clients you want
  • Create Amazon Seller Central storefronts
  • Hire and manage employees and contractors
  • Set yourself apart from your competitors

Schedule Your Discovery Call Now!

Book Discovery Call!

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Your Go-To Source

Your Projects Done Right

With my Business Concierge program, you’ll have access to the Dear Jenny Creative Studio team to help with all your projects in every business stage.

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 Dear Jenny Business Concierge

Get Project Management Support at Every Business Stage

Dear Jenny Business Concierge is your go-to source to get all. the. things. done for your small business tasks and projects.

Every business has tasks, projects, and goals to achieve. But they don’t always have the systems in place to make sure they get done on time and on point.

Managing projects is where most businesses fall short. You can have great ideas for your business…but struggle to get them off the ground.

With the Dear Jenny Business Concierge program, you’ll get on-demand project management support for every business stage.

We’ll organize, manage, and monitor your business tasks and projects with the Dear Jenny Creative Studio team, who can help with content development, website design and development, social media management, graphic design, and much more.

Having a project manager who can organize, manage, and monitor your business tasks is essential so you can focus on what matters most: your customers.

If you want to get your projects finally moving and your business growing, and you want to find out how the Dear Jenny Business Concierge program can help you, schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more.

Schedule Your Complimentary Business Concierge Consultation

Business Concierge Consultation


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