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Growing your business requires a vision, a plan, a process, and most of all — execution. I help e-commerce business owners and digital product creators double their sales by improving the customer journey, sales and marketing strategies, creating strong brands, making dull websites more engaging (and profitable), and organizing daily tasks to keep you focused on the work that matters.

Doubling Your
E-Commerce Business Revenue Starts With a Vision and a Plan

My servIces:

Whether you’re struggling with technology overload, tracking wholesalers, or creating a trusted brand that thrives on repeat buyers, my business coaching and sales and marketing consulting will help you streamline your operations and improve your business strategies so you can finally see dramatic and measurable growth.

The Coaching and Consulting Your Business Needs to Grow Now! 


I can provide significant value to your next in-person or online speaking event. If you’re a podcast host, event facilitator, or business owner looking to support your team, I’ll deliver the expertise, education, and motivation your audience is looking for...while helping you reinforce your role as a thought leader.

Support, Educate, and Motivate Your Community

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If your e-commerce or digital product business is generating $500,000 or more, you need high-level consulting that helps you achieve your next (and future) revenue milestones. Consulting services offer a “do-it-for-you” solution that makes your six-figure business more efficient, scalable, and profitable.

High-Level Six-Figure Solution 

Sales & Marketing Consulting



Coaching gives you a personalized step-by-step business growth plan. Get clear on your vision, set time-based goals, and implement systems that lay the foundation for lasting growth and profits in your market. Business Coaching is expert guidance from someone who’s seen (and solved) almost every business challenge you can think of.

Expert Guidance for Growth

Business Coaching


Dr. Loree Johnson, Therapist & Fertility Counseling

"Jennifer is a true visionary who is skillful at seeing the larger picture and guiding you through actionable steps to get you and your business there."


I’m a business coach, consultant, mentor, and motivational speaker with over 20 years of experience. I’ve worked with Fortune 500s, SMBs, and startups in cities like Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and London. 

With my help, businesses deliver greater value to their customers and increase profits while becoming respected leaders in their industries. The lessons I’ve learned (and the wisdom they bring) have allowed me to give entrepreneurs like you the problem-solving skills needed to realize your business vision.

Jennifer Taormina — Seasoned Business Coach and Consultant for Online Entrepreneurs


My smartphone screensavers give you daily affirmations to elevate your confidence and self-worth. It’s a simple yet powerful way to encourage positive thinking while training your mind to focus on your professional and personal strengths.

 Daily Motivation on Demand


Get the keys to online business success with my Brand Clarity Workbook. Create a memorable brand, attract your ideal customers, and communicate the value of your products to the people who want and need them most.

Define and Refine Your Brand


This workbook gives you the exact framework I’ve used to help countless clients tap into their full profit potential. Set SMART goals, create a 30–60–365 action plan, and set yourself up for long-term success. Start your business growth journey now!

Set and Reach Your Goals

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By coaching and consulting others, I share the knowledge I’ve gained from 20 years as a business professional and entrepreneur. I empower e-commerce and digital product entrepreneurs to make lasting change, generate profits that support you and your family, and build a business that’s aligned with everything you want out of life.

To illuminate the path for entrepreneurs so they can unlock their business brilliance and provide more meaningful service to their teams, customers, families, and communities. 


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My private one-on-one coaching is the fastest, most effective, and tailored-to-you solution for creating a step-by-step roadmap to increasing your revenue online.

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