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Why “Proven” Strategies Can Hurt Your Small Business

December 8, 2022


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Hi, I'm Jennifer!

You know that “proven” business strategies and marketing content templates are a dime a dozen.

They look great, they promise to deliver results, but what happens when you actually try to use them?

They don’t work.

And if you’ve spent any time at all trying to build a sustainable business, then you know that using a one-size-fits-all strategies is impossible because every business has its own unique strategy, goals, and challenges.

So if you want to build something that lasts, you need to approach your business and online marketing with a strategy that’s 100% customized to your business.

Here’s why the digital marketer template traps are your biggest enemy:

1. Marketing content templates are a surefire way to the digital marketing doldrums.

It’s not just a waste of money—it’s a waste of time and can harm your brand.

Why? Templated content doesn’t give your customers what they want and does nothing to help you stand out from the competition.

Your customers want to see something unique and fresh when they visit your social media account, blog and website. They want to see something that speaks to them and gives them the information they need in a way that makes them feel like you actually care about their experience with your brand.

Templated content doesn’t do any of that. It just feels robotic, it’s impersonal, it’s boring—and, worst of all, it’s wasting everyone’s time.

If you want to provide value to your audience, think about what they need from you—and then write something that helps them get it. If you have information about your product or service that’s unique and valuable, share it! If there are interesting stories behind your business or mission, tell them! And if there are facts about your industry that people don’t know yet, share those too!

Your customers aren’t going to learn anything from reading the same thing over and over again on every single social media or blog post. So stop using templated content in your marketing efforts—it’s an easy way out that doesn’t do anyone any good!

Personalization is the only way to attract customers and clients with relevant and meaningful content that keeps them coming back for more.

2. A copy and paste business strategy template can be the valley of death for your business.

You may think, “What’s wrong with a business strategy template?” 

The truth is, those making them are usually not industry experts, and they don’t know your business the way you do.

You may think using a prefabricated framework will save money and time rather than creating something custom-tailored to meet your needs, but it’s not going to be the best solution for your business.

This can mean:

  • Ineffective solutions (because they didn’t address the right problems)
  • Costly solutions (because they were built too quickly)
  • Unengaging solutions (because they didn’t engage anyone)
  • Unenjoyable solutions (because they were boring to work on)

So when it comes to creating a well-rounded strategy for your company, you need something more specific to your business that differentiates it from all your competitors in the market and incorporates your unique selling points and competitive advantages.

Remember!!! Your business strategy is the roadmap that guides your growth and helps you make strategic decisions on how to make your company successful, and that can’t be done using a prefabricated framework.

3. Generic branding templates put you on the path to mediocrity.

Branding is a lot like dating. You need to know what you want, but you also need to leave room for the other person to show themselves as they are. This means that generic branding frameworks and templates aren’t going to help you create a brand that’s truly yours.

Generic branding frameworks and templates can be useful when you’re starting out, but they shouldn’t be your go-to when it comes time to define your brand.

In order to get more out of your brand, you need something more than just a logo or tagline—you need a brand identity that will help you connect with customers on an emotional level. This is something a template can’t give you.

In my Brand Clarity Workbook, I’ll walk through the process of getting clear on who your target audience is, why they would want what you offer, what makes you different from our competitors, and more. It’s designed to help you create a strong definition of your brand, attract more customers, and build a loyal audience who will buy from you again and again.

Executing template strategies successfully are difficult because the person developing it didn’t have your business in mind.

When you’re looking at a cookie-cutter strategy, it can be tempting to say “yes” and run with it. But if it’s not a good fit for your business, you will waste time, money, and energy.

That’s why it’s important to take some time to really understand what makes your business special before you start trying to implement strategies that might not work for you.

Great leaders and teams are focused on the right things—they know what they want to accomplish, how they’re going to achieve it, and how their success will be measured. They also understand their audience.

I’ve consulted for many e-commerce brands and startups, and not one uses a cookie-cutter strategy because they know those will not produce their desired results. 

Copying someone else can lead to a downward spiral trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. So the next time you see someone selling a “proven strategy,” keep scrolling and don’t click!

Once you have a clear picture of what you want to do and how you’ll measure your progress (like getting more sales per day), then it’s time to execute!

Don’t settle for anything less than a custom solution for your business.

It’s easy to see why people choose cookie-cutter solutions—they’re quick, cheap and easy to implement. But in the long run, cookie-cutter solutions are more expensive, less effective, and ultimately less valuable than custom solutions.

While you might be tempted by online “proven” templates, they simply don’t offer the level of customization that you need to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers. 

Your strategies should not be someone else’s template, they should be yours. You need to be unique and stand out from the crowd. No one business model can work for everyone and every business.

Now that you know what not to do—learn how my Business Brilliance Coaching and Consulting services can help you create customized, innovative strategies and solutions that fit where you are in your business.

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